Decisions, Decisions

Letting Go2It has been an exhausting but strangely fulfilling week. I am learning finally what it means to take a vacation although I probably over did it by booking 5 different things to in 7 days but that is part of the fun. Some vacations are about relaxations and others are about discovery.  I also know that there are parts of me that still require a lot of work. The lack of patience I have for some people’s selfishness as well as cheapness drives me crazy. One person I will speak to, and the other is not really my place. I am sure even the first person is not my place, but I would like to nip their bad behavior in the bud before the friendship is ruined. The old me would tear them a new one in this blog post or on social media, but I like to pretend that I have matured a bit. The new me wants to let it all go as part of my new habit this month with Zen Habits. This month’s module is letting go of expectations of myself and others, but I have this need to fix things and people. So I am going to risk it even though I am pretty certain the news won’t be take well.  The other, well, I just need to not be around that person which means I am not around a certain group of people. And I am OK with that. Or I could just let it all go. Just let life be.  Keep repeating that it’s not about me. And maybe, just maybe, I may do the right thing and keep quiet.  But don’t count on it.

This month is also the month where I go all out to get ready for the Spartan Beast. Wish me luck!

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