Zen and Habits

Deserve-our-gratitude-grateful-quotesEnd of a work day, and I am counting down to when I go home and…work out?!  It’s a strange world that I inhabit now.  From meditation, to writing to trying to connect with loved ones on a deeper level, I am now on a journey that I never thought I was capable of taking. I do smile inwardly when I think of the parties I did as well the cross-country trip I took from LA to New York, racking up 6 speeding tickets along the way.  That same Sanjay also did Americorps in Lexington, Kentucky and made some lifelong friends.

There is plenty for me to regret, tons of mistakes I could unmake, remove the hurt that I inflicted to undeserving people. And then I take a breath, and look around me. The quietness of the office with me the only one here reassures me. It tells me that this too shall pass. Each moment is but a compilation of the past, and perhaps a possible future, and I have spent too much of time reflecting and living in the past instead of just being.  Here. Now. So I look up, and I may not be the best version of who I want to be, but I am damn sure trying to not be the worst.

And for now, that’s just good enough.

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