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Spring Cleaning


I read somewhere the best way to spring clean is one small area or cupboard at a time.  Yesterday, I started with my medicine cabinet, one of the smallest in my house.  It took me an hour to get rid of expired medications, open packets of various sorts and 15 different kind of pain patches (both wife and I have had at one point or another back spasms), and try to coordinate what medications go on which shelf.  One hour.  And I still wasn’t quite happy with it. It wasn’t as clean as I wanted it to be. It wasn’t shining or perfect the way I wanted it to be, but I finally let it go because I was tempted to go on to another cabinet.  All the while, I could not believe how much crap I had stored in the house ( I can’t blame my wife since I lived at this house by myself for a long time). I wanted at that moment to clean it all!

Feb Challenge Day 24_inside your bathroom cabi...
Feb Challenge Day 24_inside your bathroom cabinet 6 (Photo credit: raganmd)

It kind reminded me of my writing.  I start with a blog post, and the next thing I know I want to write a novel.  Yet I know, it’s a step by step by process but somewhere I fall off. I can’t seem to figure out between doing too much, too little or nothing at all.  I don’t know how to be steady. I don’t know how to take it step by step. It’s as if I am hardwired to either sprint a marathon or sit on the stand and watch others go by me.  I have always been the type to need the recipe or manual on how to do things.  Well, guess what, life doesn’t come with one (no shit Sherlock), and so I flounder. I don’t look at what I have accomplished: a clean drawer and a blog post, but more at what I did not get to.  I read somewhere that you have to acknowledge your successes no matter how small. I think I am more afraid that I will become content with just that, and that is something I am just not willing to accept.  So I push myself. I will spring clean the whole house, and I will be a writer.  There is no middle ground!Back Camera

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