Food For Thought For Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Invite Failures


Can everybody attain their success in their single effort? or in single instance?
You can get answer to this question if you read or heard the biography of some successful peoples.

Definitely no body would have attained their success in their first effort or attempt.
In real life you may see numerous popular personalities in cinema or in the sports field,etc.

It is common to see the peak of any favorite artist or sports personality.Today we are able to see their continuous box office hits,medals and awards.
But it may not be possible for most of us,the struggles they paid to attain this continuous box office hits,medals,and awards.

Even some artists have told in their biography that the director who refused chances or
assignment in the entry stage,is now waiting for years together for their call sheet.

They would have never minded about their image,health,working hours,because their only aim at
that time of entry would be that they should got recognition in the cinema industry.

Today thousands and thousands of fans are waiting to see their glimpse for a
few seconds and hundreds of directors are waiting for their call sheet to their next film.
Companies are showing their face in the small screen and earning millions of dollars as profit.

They come to this present stage only after paying some hefty things like hard work,dedication,sinciority,etc.
They didn’t come to this stage in all of a sudden.
They come to this stage after falling down many times.But they raised again and walked towards their dream.
Only failures can create so many geniuses in this world.When that genius reveals his/her failures to the world,those failures inspire and attract so many souls and create so many geniuses in this world.
Failure and success are law of nature.
Failure should be pictured as desirable with due respect because it teach us many lessons even a world best university cannot teach.

So let us invite failure,get rid of the fear of failure,think failure as our friend,march towards the peak of success till we clinch the victory with the lesson we learned out of failures.

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