Food For Thought For Monday, August 27th, 2012

Stay True To Your Goals
Author: Jacqueline Mendez

A personal goal or personal goals are yours – they are what you want not what others want for you. Believe in yourself – you can do anything. See what Jacquie has to say.

The key to being happy is to respect your desire to make your life better by your own choices-even if and, especially when others ridicule them. Do not let the ignorance or the short-sightedness of others redirect your life's goal.

Everyone has their own path to follow-their own map for the future. The key is to understand everyone is different and to respect their goals as well as your own.

Do not accept behavior that goes against your beliefs or wishes, and do not accept behavior from friends, family, or a spouse that you wouldn't accept from a stranger.

Be true to yourself. Stand firm. And, do not postpone your dreams or wishes to please someone else's idea of what it should be…

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