Food For Thought For Monday, January 3rd, 2012


Little Johnny always came to school up beat and positive. Every Monday they had a sharing time in class where students would share a positive thing about their weekend. Little Johnny always had great things to say and when it was his turn, he was grinning like he walked through a swinging door on somebody else's push. He stood up and said to the class, "Me and my daddy went fishing this weekend and caught 75 catfish that weighed 15 pounds a piece."
The teacher said, "No way, I don't believe it. What if I were to tell you on my way to school today I came up against a 1200 pound grizzly that was about to attack me. Right before he got to me, an eight pound dog jumped on him, beat him up, and sent him off running into the woods. Would you believe me?"
Johnny said, "Yes. That's my dog!

– Unknown

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