Food For Thought For Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Several years ago, an elderly gentleman tried to make ends meet by selling balloons on a Chicago street corner.  His business had its ups and downs.

Whenever business got a little slow, the salesman would release a few of his helium balloons.

  First, a pink one, then a blue one and later a red one.  Children would notice the colorful array of balloons and business would pick up.

One day, a little boy sat across the street watching the balloon salesman.  He was intrigued by the flying balloons.  Towards the end of the day, the little boy walked over and tugged on the man’s coat sleeve.

Looking the balloons salesman in the eye, he asked, "Mister, if you let go of the orange balloon, would it go up?"

Touched by the boy’s sincerity, the balloon salesman looked at the little boy and responded with compassion and understanding.  "Son, it’s what’s inside that makes these balloons go up."


– Unknown

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