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Now your financial picture is even clearer

Thanks for signing up for Mint, the free and easy way to make smarter decisions about managing your money. Now you can take charge of your financial life.
1 Add all your accounts
Add all of your credit cards, checking, savings and brokerage accounts so you can get your complete financial picture in one place.
2 Set up budgets and goals
See how your spending decisions will affect how much money you have to spend or save.
3 Find personalized savings
Mint automatically analyzes your spending habits and accounts to find ways to save tailored to you.
4 Set up email or text alerts
Stay up-to-date on your accounts and set up alerts to avoid fees or low balances.
5 Stay safe and secure
Mint uses the same bank-level security that financial institutions do, and no one can transfer money at all – in or out.
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