A free ebook gift: “Guerilla Marketing for Attorneys” from your friends at ASF!

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A New Year’s Gift From Your Friends at Agency San Francisco
Hi Sanjay, This is a special New Year’s gift to say "thank you" for being one of the 668 attorneys to participate in our survey last October. We wanted to give you a free ebook that’s been 4 months in the making. This ebook isn’t available online yet – we wanted to get it to you before it goes live on our website next week where it will be downloaded. In Guerrilla Marketing for Attorneys we share with you invaluable internet "guerrilla" marketing tools, guidelines, and strategies that you can use as a practicing attorney or law firm, absolutely free. Whether you’re just starting your practice, or trying to get your law firm’s annual revenue from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000, this ebook can help you get thousands of high-quality clients.


download the ebook now <>
download the ebook now <>

Happy New Year From All of Us!

The Digital Design and Marketing Team Agency San Francisco,
 An Interactive Advertising Agency

P.S. Please share this ebook with your colleagues that have their own firms
 and practices.

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