Why Do I Write?

Photo by SinnerX


It makes no sense to those who have met me in the last 10 years.  They just know the Jovial, card playing, hard-drinking Sanjay who is a lawyer but doest practice, has a great family business and has no real need to work.  It makes no sense to them that I want to write.  Actually, it’s not really a want, it has become more a need.  With my recent stroke and the travails of my girlfriends disease, it has become the only place I can be really true to myself. 

It’s in those 30 to 45 minutes that I can really hear myself talking and thinking.  Everything drowns away and it’s just me and the words.  In that time, I am neither happy, nor sad just a writer with his tools trying to make sense of the world around him.

That is why I write: to live, to breathe, to feel, to just be.

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