Taking it Day by Day: A new Blog Post

Another Monday, another day full of meetings and perhaps monotony. At least that’s how I used to receive the first day of the week and I wont lie, I do still slip into that mode. But lately, the days are going by faster and I feel more in control.

Simple changes like taking a multi-vitamin, going to the gym as well as doing some maintenance work on myself i.e dentist, physical and chiropractor, and I feel more in control, more like myself, more willing to try and bore you with blog posts, more like the Sanjay I wanted to be a decade ago.

Ofcourse, I cant turn back time and although I often wonder what happened to the social Sanjay, the promoter Sanjay, the supposed entertainment mogul, I cant exactly pretend I don’t have an incredible life. I am blessed to have the friends and the family in my life and discovering true love (something that I never thought possible), I do still like to fantasize what it would have been like if things had gone as I imagined. I am sure we all have that fantasy, and the difference between nostalgia and delusion becomes clear to me.

I could go on regretting the choices I made or didn’t make or I could sit on this beautiful day and realize that I am blessed and I don’t have to dread Mondays like others because I am at the peak of my success.

Sure, there is still some gold left that I didn’t get to and thats being a husband and father, and I hope that in a few years I can write a blog post reminiscing about being single.

I just have to remember to take it day by day.

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