Inspector Gadget

As I clicked on my 55″ LED TV, I had to decide in seconds whether I wanted to watch my Apple TV, check out the Laker game on cable or switch on my Blu Ray and finally finish season 20 of The Simpsons. 

As I puzzled  for those precious seconds, I checked my email on my Iphone absentmindedly and promised myself that I really needed to get a to do list done. 

I agreed with myself that it was time to check out the movies I had downloaded on my Apple TV. While my Harmony remote turned on all the right components, I poured a beer from my Beer Tender and turned on my IPOD on the receiver so the rest of the house could sing to me me very out of date playlist. 

Life is good, I said to myself. Until I realized, I was speaking to myself

I then  noticed that my Kindle is fully charged so I grabbed  it and  turned it on, reading a few pages in quick sucession from The Power of Less. The irony bitch slapping me  as the author focus is minimizing the things in 1 life and getting more done with less. 

So I restlessly toss the Kindle next to my Chumby and debate on whether I should charge up my FloTV.  I remember the books words, shake my head, and turn my attention back to Apple TV and begin watching Aziz Ansari’s comedy special.

Forgotten amongst all these gadgets was my desire to work out, to read a book a week, to blog frequently and reconnect with myself.

Instead, I sat alone with my gadgets, and convinced myself all was right in my world.

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