Register and Vote for my cousin’s Artwork PLEASE

RHello my friends and fam!

I’ve entered an online art contest and would love your support via VOTEs!

Here is the link to my image:

It will ask you to register; I know it’s the down side. 

The contest is about Freedom and I’ve put a short description how this piece relates to that idea.

If the above link gives you any errors please follow this link:

And for the Search just put in my name (Gurjit, Gsuri or suri) and make sure the only boxes checked is Artist.  Not by title or other options.

I want to say thanks, not for the votes, but you’re the people who have given me support in this medium 🙂

ps: I still have a group of people to email, just too tired at this point!! So please feel free to fwd to anyone who you think would be interested in Art or voting.

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