Resolutions continued

So Week 3 of 2010 and already a pattern has emerged.  The resolution I found easiest, I tore into (reading).  The resolution that was to help myself personally, I lagged on (writing), and the resolution that would form the fabric of my life (loving preeti) is riddled with uncertainty, frustation and the constant fear I will lose her. 

And then I stop letting anziety lose my world and look over at her beautiful eyes, and know that through all of 3 years she has stood by my side (no easy task, I tell ya!) and I resolve that I will make her happy and love her the way she deserves.  Then a deep breath, and realize that wishing and hoping and thinking will never DO, they will just agonize. 

And so I look at those beautiful eyes, and I see my future.  Then it dawns on me, that I am getting things done, and for once, I am proud of myself. 

And for now, thats enough.

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