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So as most of you know…and some of you have asked…my birthday’s coming up!

I don’t know what I’m doing…but I do know what I want.  And I consider most of you close enough to go ahead and just ask for it (even if you weren’t planning on getting me a gift).

I’ve talked to some of you about an organization I was intrigued by and really wanted to do some work to raise awareness and funds for.  I haven’t gotten around to putting together a fundraiser for it or doing anything fancy, but why wait around to do something good?

The organization is called Jaipur Foot.  They make artificial limbs.  Today I donated $40 and got someone who doesn’t have a pair of legs – legs.  I know I gave them more than just a pair of legs and for my birthday I’d love for you to do the same.

I haven’t done thorough research about the organization, but I know they only take 4% for overheads/administrative stuff.  To be honest I hate that about charities, but when there are people dedicated to the cause…I think 4% to keep it going, isn’t a whole lot.

You can read more about it and if you like donate anywhere from as little as $12 for crutches (the cost of a drink at a club) or whatever amount you please.

Trust me, everyone loves gifts and I’m no different…but when it came to deciding whether I’d want a pair of nice fitting jeans for myself or a pair of functional legs for someone else…it was a no-brainer.

I don’t have a reason for doing this, I was just touched by the power of change it can bring about in a person’s life.  I know there are many charities that do good work and have a similar impact, I just couldn’t believe how this one gives someone a major body part and allows them to be self-sufficient.  Feel free to share the cause with other friends and family.  The more we can do without overheads, the better!


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