Twitter Growth Slowdown Shows We’re Sick Of Shouting

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Twitter Growth Slowdown Shows We’re Sick Of Shouting
AT&T, Best Buy, And Nokia Mess Up Booklet 3G Math
Take Two On Three Ways
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 
Featured Blogger Twitter Growth Slowdown Shows We’re Sick Of Shouting
From Our Digital Life Blog
Posted By Michael Hickins
Twitter may have to find itself a new business model, if recent numbers are any indication.

AT&T, Best Buy, And Nokia Mess Up Booklet 3G Math
Posted by Eric Zeman
From Our Mobile Blog
Anyone who purchases a subsidized netbook is simply out of their minds. Today, however, AT&T, Best Buy and Nokia are hoping you’ll commit yourself to the insanity that is the Booklet 3G, which costs $299 with a $60 monthly AT&T contract.

Take Two On Three Ways
From Our Open Source Blog
Posted By Serdar Yegulalp
I goofed a bit in my previous blog about open core / open source licensing. As always, the details are full of devils — but that afforded a chance to bring some more thought to the table.

How Oracle World Is Just Like Thanksgiving and New Year’s
From Our Global CIO Blog
Posted By Bob Evans
I’ve been to several Oracle Open World events, and I’ve experienced more than 50 Thanksgivings and New Year’s Eves. But it took a cab driver from a tiny country on the other side of the world–Nepal, to be exact–to draw the connection between the three.

SocialCalc Could Help Wikis Grow Up
From Our Wolfe’s Den Blog
Posted By Alexander Wolfe
Have you been wiki-ized? I don’t know if that’s a word, but if you work at a tech company, you know exactly what I’m talking. Mostly it’s been Clearspace which has provided the platform that’s doubled your e-mail load, even as it has genuinely helped us all grope towards greater levels of collaboration. But there are other innovators in the wiki space, notably Socialtext, which has just advanced the cause of group-wise spreadsheets. In the process, they could push wikis towards better real-world usability.

T-Mobile Pulls Sidekick From The Shelves
From Our Mobile Blog
Posted By Ed Hansberry
For the time being, T-Mobile has pulled the Sidekick from store shelves and it is showing as “temporarily out of stock” on their web site. They will remain unavailable until T-Mobile is satisfied the cause of the data loss has been identified and corrected so it doesn’t happen again.

T-Mobile Offers Sidekick Users $100 Gift Card
From Our Mobile Blog
Posted By Eric Zeman
As T-Mobile struggles to come up with a solid solution to its Sidekick woes, it is waving yet another peace branch at its customers. This one comes in the shape of a $100 gift card for those who actually lost data. There’s a new twist, though. T-Mobile says, now, that some data may be recovered.

Users Can Now Share Folders In Google Docs
From Our Google Blog
Posted By Eric Zeman
Users of Google Docs have long asked for one feature in particular: the ability to share entire folders of content with others. Today, that feature goes live. So does the ability to upload multiple files at once. Which one has you more excited?

CIO To Customers: Name Your Price
From Our Full Nelson Blog
Posted By Fritz Nelson
Working alongside Progressive Insurance business leaders, CIO Raymond Voelker’s team developed an application — called “Name Your Price” — that flips the online auto-insurance quoting practice inside out. Instead of entering the features you want and getting a price, you can use the apps sliding bar to select a price and see what kind of insurance you can get.

Cloud Computing & Bad Weather
From Our Digital Life Blog
Posted By Jonathan Salem Baskin
Users of Sidekick mobile phones have had their first bad weather experience: Microsoft’s Danger subsidiary has lost all of the customer data stored on its servers.

Best Video Of BlackBerry Storm 2 Yet
From Our Mobile Blog
Posted By Eric Zeman
If there’s anything left you wanted to know about the unannounced, unofficial BlackBerry Storm 2 9550/9520 from Research In Motion, this new video covers it all. Also, accessories for the BlackBerry Storm 2 have started arriving in Best Buy Stores, and Vodafone may launch the device as early as this week across the pond.

State Department Awards Social Networking Grants
From Our Government IT Blog
Posted By Mitch Wagner
The State Department plans to award up to $5 million in grants to expand the use of social networking in the Middle East and North Africa to drive citizen engagement and civic participation. The pilot program is part of a long-term effort to help bring democracy to the region, with a preference toward using existing technologies and social media platforms.

The iPhone Is Too Cheap
From Our Mobile Blog
Posted By Eric Zeman
The $99 iPhone is turning the wireless industry on its head, and not in a good way. It’s having an obvious negative affect on AT&T’s bottom line, and it’s causing some serious pain for other makers of mobile devices.

Oracle’s Ellison Calls Out IBM: Why You Gotta Love The Guy
From Our Global CIO Blog
Posted By Bob Evans
He’s never run a hardware business but he’s calling out the company that invented it. He voted for HP hardware to run his Exadata software before he voted against it, picking Sun instead. And he’s betting $10 million that his Exadata package will double the speed of a comparable one from IBM. Larry Ellison surely makes this business more interesting, but more importantly he makes it a whole lot more valuable.

Twitter Corroding The National Fabric
From Our Digital Life Blog
Posted By Michael Hickins
Acid-tongued Tweets are eating away at the fabric of our national conversation 140 characters at a time. Meanwhile, regrettably to my mind, “Twitter is emerging as a new and powerful political tool.”

Tweetie 2: A Great iPhone Twitter Client Gets Better
From Our Apple Unvarnished Blog
Posted By Mitch Wagner
Tweetie is a favorite client for Twitter power-users on the iPhone, because of its simple interface, versatility, and ease-of-use. Now, the highly anticipated new version is out, with features that make the great Twitter client for the iPhone even better, without cluttering it up.

Swarm: Open Source Web App Scaling
From Our Open Source Blog
Posted By Serdar Yegulalp
A new open source project called Swarm bills itself as “a transparently scalable distributed programming language.” It’s been written to tackle one of the thorniest problems of today’s cloud-centric world: How do you create applications that can scale up and out without driving yourself nuts?

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