It doesnt take much to change a moment or even an issue in your life.   It just comes down to as how you wish to see it or deal with it.   I have spent far too long wishing and imagining opportunities where all that really needed to happen was making it happen.  This isnt a new problem, hell its not even a very original one.  But it jars especially when I have gone through life thinking I was special/unique/destined for greater things.  And yet, my life is mundane of sorts.   But when I think about it, I wouldnt have it any other way.  Culd things be better?  Ofcourse! Are there things that are missing in my life? Absolutely!  And it goes on and on.

And then I glance out my house and really take stock of my life, and I know that I truly lucky and blessed.  That instead of focusing on the things I wish I had, or could have done. I am a satisfied soul.    Now some would say that I am too content, and I would agree in some aspects in my life, and there ar others who think that I accepted an easy life.  And they are right.  And then the ones who truly know me say that I filled my soul with wishes, and am just waiting for something to make them come true.  And then it hit me.  I am better off as a character in a comic book for all the make believe things I wish to accomplish. 

No more.  Its time to make the life I want rather than wait for it.  Its time to to DO rathen than HOPE. 

And so wishful Sanjay is taking steps to make his life more real.  I finally signed up 2 writing courses and 1 in my field, and I cant explain the satisfaction I felt in seeing myself admit myself into thoses classes.  And so the writing begins instead of making wishes, I will be remaking my life…

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