I am sure we all have days when every moment seems a mistake and nothing you say or do can fix it.  Those are times I remember more and more, and then it hits me, the mistkes arent multiplying, my brooding over them is. 

I definitely dont give myself the chances i used to.  Its as if by some mirable, at a certain age, my errors should disappear, and everything I touch will  be right.  Its that foolish pride of mine that is the mistake.  I still yearn to read and learn.  However, I am much more ashamed of my wrongs, and instead of treating them as being a normal part of life, I incessantly highlight and make it my absolute self. 

No more.

I will make mistakes, but thats all or who I am.  I will misjudge, as I will never have the complete information.  And I will err on the side of the caution because frankly I only gamble in casinos not with the ones I care and love about. 

Gamble in life not with lives, hmm makes a good new motto, whatcha think?

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