I finally finished reading my first book on Kindle called Rapt, a bit ironic since the subject is about attention and how it affects one’s life.  What stuck with me is its premise that as humans, we tend to gravitate to negative thoughts when left alone to our devices, and in fact spend an awful lot of time feeling sorry for ourselves.  I had to double check the cover to see if it didnt say Sanjay.

A quick review of my blogs and my posts on various social media showed me that I spend entirely too much time whining about things I cant change or not willing to.  A lot of it has to do with  the lack of attention I pay to the situation to actually change it.  It somehow seems easier to complain and then channel surf to another “wrong” in my liife.  So although it seems like I am focusing on my life, I am in fact just an attendee of a very boring life.

So it begins now.  The moment is here.  And thats all that matters.  These words are the present and they are my reality.  Everything else is illusion.   I hope I make it out alive

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