I never returned to finish the earlier post, and its quite telling as much of my day is focused on things I keep meaning to get too, but instead get lost in the shuffle of the present, the irrelevant or the quite personal.

And so, I just keep punching through to the next hour, convinced that magic will happen, and I will achieve all that I imagine in that wonderful dream world of mine.

And so, time is passed (yet again), and I am still saddled with the same uncertainty that I began the day with.

And so, things proceed this way, until I realize that spending more time thinking about what to do then actually doing it may not be best approach to getting things done. 

And so, I learned from an unplanned trip that life aint so bad, and sucking it up isnt doing anyone a favor, its just the right thing to do.

And so, I completed some of to do list, and you know what, life is easier when you actually do things than when you wish for them.  Who knew?

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