You know its been a long time, when you cant remember your own password to login.  And in a way, that makes sense.  If you dont look back, your liable to forget, and as much as I wish my writing to be about my present and future, it simply is not possible. 

But what does help is going back to the places that were such a impactful part of you.  For me, travelling after more than 3 years, was a jarring and much needed experience. In reconnecting with old friends and family, I realized what great moments were shared that still stay with me.  Some new reminders ofcourse, but also some disappointments. Some I thought who were still friends have now turned distant memories, and perhaps I wonder were they ever friends? 

Ok off to grab lunch with the family, so disjointed thoughts will follow later, I promise to myself mostly since I am sure no one is reading anymore 🙂

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