Another day comes to an end, and while there is definite satisfaction in still crossing out the things to do (including the blog), there is still the nagging feel that I am missing something.  That perhaps the to do list is just the mundane things, and the more important soulful things are still straggling around in my skull.  I mean when I take a quick took, I see a series of tasks, and some spattering of well meaning projects, but its still just things to get to in a matter of time.  Yet, life isnt like that, or is it?  i mean I wonder will there be a sense of purpose and maturity when I cross of the last item, or will it just time to fill up another page, and so on, and will that be my life, a series of crossed out phsical tasks?  

And so the questions swirl around me, and the tasks keep getting added.  And in there I have the hope that I can link my body to my soul and just be the person I see myself to be.  And I have to admit, in some ways, the task do feel good when I brush my dog, join the gym, and just hold Preeti as tight as can be.  And in those moments, it seems that I perhaps can be Barack Obama as well.  

Yeah, Yeah I know people actually like him.

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