Posting Past

Nothing like putting up old pictures, and see the past, and wonder if I could somehow pass the knowledge I have now to the old me sitting there grinning like an idiot.  Its not a very original thought. Come to think of it, not much of what I say or do lately is very unique.  And perhaps its as it should be.  I needed to do some growing up, too long have I stayed in my thoughts instead of actions

Pimping Myself
Pimping Myself

.  Its great to write about plans, things, and ideas, yet I still struggle with action.  Even this is action, and its hard because its admitting that for far too long, I have used words to define myself rather than showing myself how I really am.  I cringe at the fool that shows in the image, but knowing that instead of a disguise, that is the true me if I do not change, if i dont use the past to grow out of that “hat.” 

But it still ends with a smile instead of regret.  I was happy then, and I am getting to happiness now, and I wouldnt change those memories.  I just hope I can always smile away the pain and regret.

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