I guess in these hard economic times, it makes sense to talk about money, well more specifically how little of it I have.  Its amazing to me that even at my old age, I am still have a “duh” sign around me when it comes to managing my cash flow and expenses.  I guess none of you will weep for my losses, and thats as it should be.  I was the one who made the bad choices, and frankly I am the one that needs to get myself out of this tightness.  It’s definitely not a good feeling, and it sure makes for clarity in some situations.  Things that I took for granted now I consider axing (cable is overrated, TV is better, MUST… NOT… SHOOT… AT… SCREEN). Do I really need a full loaf of bread, (Sandwiches are overrated, I am sure its why Atkins started his diet) and if I put coloring in club soda, isnt that pretty much like coke (Soft drinks are overrated).?  Ofcourse, some things must stay (soap is NOT overrated) but I am sure I can now use some more of it by adding water into the bottle of it, as long as it foams, its killing germs, right? And ofcouse, just like in india I can use soap shave instead of shaving cream, I mean the point is to have a crooked goatee anyway.  

I hope to have some good news soon.  I plan to be better, and for once its not under the category of wishful thinking.  Already made some changes (I got rid of my subscription to Bling Magazine), and looking forward to some more (Internet you really are overrated now that I have my chumby and iphone).  Here’s hoping that your tuesday ended as depth filled as mine did.  


By the way, what do you do with these shiny round things with numbers on them?

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  1. If you need help saving money—give me a call. I tried to help you before and I am willing to try again 🙂 Miss ya!

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