Loud Quiet

Its a great feeling to listen an artist that you are fan of, after a long time, and then the thoughts traverse to the other parts in your life, and there is an ache there.  There was a time, I was firmly convinced of beginning of my record label, and of changing the world with new forms of South Asian media.  I was the messiah, I was the one who could do it.  That type of arrogance is quite embarrassing to face nowadays, as I tackle issues of employment and intellectual property law because there is just so much to still learn.  Yes, I had the passion, but that can only carry you so far, because at the end of the day, you need results, and that can only come from persistent, faith, and knowledge.  The less you know, the more likely you are to make missteps, and I realize that now.  A part of me still firmly believes that if I had the knowledge and the work ethic, I could have been the next media king.  But in a strange way, what is more interesting now is the daily knowledge of learning something, practicing to be myself, and just really knowing.  I still yearn to learn, and for me that is my elixir for life (for now.

I love the law, because in some ways, it’s a path thats quite simple to follow once you know what to look for.  But more because you can use it to better things, or just be better informed.  But most importantly, no one can make you look foolish because atleast you take the liberty to ask and figure some things out.  Sure, I still have the blank look, but when the mouth opens atleast you know I am trying to learn.  

And for now, thats enough

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