Is a month of anniversaries for myself, work, my parents and of a volatile past year.  Either way, I never imagined sitting calmly in my kitchen and spelled out this month as a title for my post.  I mean I should cringe when I see this month, but instead there is an inner smile, and definetly a brighter hope that things are a bit lighter.  Far from normal but nowhere near the dumpster they were in before.  And in a few hours I am sure I will regret these words but for now, I am swimming in the realm of possibility and fantasy.  Frankly, for me that is enough… for now, atleast.

I am no closer to answers than I was last year, but I know that I am surrounded by great friends, family and most of love from all.  I am privileged, and for once I rather focus on that however briefly than what I dont have.  I am sure tomorrow will fix that in a hurry.  Sorry in this blurry clear glimpse, I sign off hoping for to create smiles for the ones I promised.  I hope not to fail, AGAIN.  Yea, its hard not to be pessimistic…

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