A Different Wednesday

It was a great feeling to be at Ziba # 12, and realize that I am part of a something that will become huge one day.  Yes, its weird to say that since 12 isnt some chump change, yet its still something where the learning is part of the process.  It can get old sometimes learning, feeling like perhaps its just the same problem with new plastic surgery.  Its probably why I get flashbacks because I cant shake the nagging feeling that what I am seeing isnt really unique or unheard of, that perhaps its me that is ignorant and not the world. 

Either way, it felt good to get that rush of excitement when you see people’s faces when they hear another Ziba is open.  Its really the best compliment in the world.  For once, most of the day was spent on work, and in the quietness in my heart wondering if its just empty or so full of pain it cant express itself.  I am pretty sure its pure sadness at the loss of a time when seeing each other was joy enough and now spending time apart seems almost better.

Is it to stop fighting fate or now is the time to get down into the bunker and show super human strenght?  I am no super hero, but I sure have faith…

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