I cringe at my titles sometimes only because they can either contain too much emotion and too little information in their one words.  I play this guessing game that whoever reads the title gets the meaning of the post because of course that is what a title is supposed to do other but others close to me also know why I pick certain titles as themes of my daily life.  I managed to find twitter today and bought a chumby, or maybe perhaps its the other way around (if those words dont make sense to you, google them), and it just makes sense to the emotional me to express my every feeling to the world.  Yet those who are around me can know me to be quiet or not as forthcoming, but put me in a room with words and I will douse you with verbosity. 

And there in lies my problem. The more I write, the less I talk, the less I communicate to the love in my life, the more I have to write about.  In accepting these modes of communications, I am losing the heart of the one I beat for.   Go figure

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