is not my friend, but I think we are beginning to get to know each other.  Sitting back and just sipping a book instead of worrying about the 1000 meaningful but really meanigless tasks kind of just has a way of slowing you down but not in a bad way.  For once, focusing on answering before listening or counting the times I said or texted her instead of just doing it for my self makes it a pleasure again to love someone as you love yourself.  A bit disjointed I am sure right now but for once its a good thing.

Ending a fruitful day in some ways, and exasperating in others, but still looking forward to spending some time with (even though brief) and relishing the love we have for each other.  It takes work now when before it seemed easy, however I think it matters now considering what we know about each other.  So I end today not foggy, not clear but atleast a bit relieved. 

It still amazes me how spending lunch with my parents can nourish me so much and so quickly.  They are the quiet strength in my life, and for that I can never thank them enough.  I love you mom and dad.

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