How does one get rid of it?  Swallowing it has only allowed it to fester.  Blowing it out manages only to make holes in others.  Speaking about it seems to enlarge it.  And thinking about it just seems to feed it.  There comes a time when you have to draw the line, and enough is enough.  I am sounding that alarm today.  Anger, get out of my way.  Today is a new day, and it is one without anger.  Thats it, no more mr. nice guy.  You stay on your side, and I will stay on mine.  I am convinced the only way to let go of anger is to let go of it by accepting it.  So anger, I heard you.  I know you mean well, but you did your job now let me do mine. 

Happy Monday


Addendum: Somewhere something was heard because a dear old friend and his friends managed to show me what life is like with great friends and a great love in your life.  Amazing what a little more than 60 minutes can do for one’s self.  After that time, anything seems possible and doable.  We never know where our saviours come from, and maybe that is the right way because then we may expect others to do something that can only done by genuine action not by stated desires.  If there ever was a lesson to be learned that I can do more by being the one I want than missing that I cant be.  Or maybe the lesson is its ok to ask for help even if you think you dont need it.  Or maybe its just that, life just always has a way of working out if you just let it be. 

Either way, thank you for the one who always manage to make me look better than I am.

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