Another day slammed shut but for once with a bit of satisfaction and knowledge that things got done.  Also left behind that good a bit of sadness, nostalgia and the way things used to be.  Spending time with a good friend, and then getting work done can have that effect, and I look foward to emulating that model for the end of the night.  I am learning to be better, and I want to be better, so for once knowledge and desire can turn into the right action.  But for now, just the satisfaction of doing the job you were hired for provides that catalyst that I can take on my world and actually conquer it.  Doubts are still on the horizon but for once they look good there rather than diving into my brain.

Slowly the climb goes on, and there is so much to do and so much to learn (still?!!!), but actually I have a lot more to do, need to keep getting lost in the action instead of what could be. So I feel lighter and nothing else can really speak louder than that. 

Here’s to action: it just feels too damn good.  Thank God for progress.

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