Some things are better left unsaid.  Atleast that is what I tell myself each and every day, yet somehow, it slips through my soul.  I may appear quiet but thoughts and emotions abound around the main question why?  How did we end up here?  Why is it so difficult?  Those that know me have experienced my constant questioning, but when I step back and look at this page, I am filled with a quiet sadness.  A feeling of helplessness, and of my own shallow pride.  Someone who can I reach by touching a few numbers feels as far away as my past life.  Someone who is the second beat in my heart, is muffled by the hurt in my soul. 

Perhaps the quiet between us can be the salvation of our relationship.  Has silence ever solved a communication problem?  I sure hope so.  Day 1 passed without talking but not without words and definetly in quiet.  However, the heart still pounded and my soul still belongs to her.  Here’s hoping she had a decent day.

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