Who Knew

Whenever a week ends, a new desire to do it better arises.  But this week is a bit different.  I kept promises, consoled a friend, was a friend to my girlfriend, and actually managed to keep quiet a lot and still be heard.  Sure, the usual missteps and grimaces were there, but for once they were accompanied with a sense of satisfaction, desire, and a willingness to get things done.  I may not have gotten to the Everest of pain, but I am at base camp.  For once, things dont look as undoable or as unchanging as before.  Perhaps the parachutes of friends helped, or perhaps I didnt take as many leaps, but the feeling of calm is defintely addictive.

So I end the week and look forward to growing a tiny bit more in the next, and for those in my life this week, I thank you because its great to be surrounded by others who actually care for me as much as I do for them.  I cant wait to see you all again.  May the positive glows grow, and maybe this miserable blog actually a beacon of joy instead of constant pathetic pain.  🙂

Happy Weekend to all!

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