Starting Over

For once, the day is welcomed and the challenges strapped on instead of being thrown upon.  For once, resolution is the key to my sucess rather than delusions.  We all have chances to start over anytime we feel.  Its the motivation to do it that is hard to find.  What makes a want an actual event is the creation of a habit.  I have a lot to learn, that much I know.  I have even more to change about myself, and I am slowly beginning to just accept that realization.  THe changes themselves are far ahead, but I have a goal to achieve to.  All my life, its what has motivated me, but the last few years have been a blur of not knowing what my own life goals were.  It was easy to bemoan the state of affairs in my life, or better yet my past and worse others.  So today I pledge to myself to be the person I desire to be. 

So here it goes, Monday is truly the first day in the week of the rest of my life.   I am sure there will plenty of other first days, but that doesnt give me the excuse to give up on today.  So Happy Monday to me, and to you as well.  May each day be a chance to be the person we wish to be.  I know I am going to try. 🙂

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