I approach this Monday differently and so far it has not disappointed.  A little bit of work, a little dash of legelases, a sprinkle of friendship, and a huge dose of longing for the ones you love.  But its there, that little light at the end that tells you that life can be better if you choose for it be.  Pick today to be the day you choose to be in a good mood, and guess what things can be better. 

What I have been reading and hearing lately is that I am the master of evertyhing that I feel and do.  Everything is a choice so just admitting mistakes is not enough, working on them, figuring out why I do them is also a choice that I need to make more often.  And as the day closes today, I still made mistakes but I also learned a lot on what I can do better.  I enjoyed working, learning in life about life and just for once living the day not worrying about what ifs.  Just really going through the day focused on learning, doing, and CHOOSING to be in a good Monday.

Day 1, gone, 1 mistake made.  I have 6 more days and chances to keep her smiling.  I will not give up.  And then ofcourse, there are the other dear ones in my life who dont ask for much and lately I havent given them much either.  I will choose to do right by them as well.  So many choices, and I will keep at it till I get it right.  Failure is not an option.  Thats what I choose to do. 🙂

Happy Monday!

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