Just like an earthquate is caused by the smallest of movements by continental plates, a thawing of feelings can feel like that rush of air.  What seems like a trivial motion transforms into a feeling of “Hello World.”  Strangely enough, I have had more than a few of those moments these past few days, and instead of moaning about my precious crappy life, I feel like I am on Mt. Everest.  Tossing aside these awfully familiar cliches, it just feels good to share that goodness feeling with your significant other.  As if we are siamese twins who can kung fu our way out of any trouble. 

So here I breathe, clearly and for once calmly. It’s a great feeling to practice law especially after spending so many years escaping the fear.  And while the fear is still my jacket, its becoming easier to toss it on the handle, and just seep into rushing of life.  Eh, I probably exagerrate, but then again thats what having a great moment does.  Just for that single click of time, there is perfection, and all is well, and you begin to even think of attacking other fears.  And there lies the mistake sometimes.  What was perhaps a placebo is now seen as actual help, and I may end up hurting myself even deeper than before.  But you know what? I dont care.  For once, I am just going to ride it like the bitch I am, and take it all in. 

Yea, you might want to get out of my way.  In my haste to waste my life, I will probably make you taste a childish version of eager paste.  See, already doing it.  Trying to poetic, and instead becoming pathetic. 

Who knew?

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