Inaction for President!

Fighthing Deja Vu as I sit here once again, looking at the blankness of my life.  Emotions raging on as usual but little or no action. Each begun action, falls into the blackhole of helplessness.  I know not what I do, except what I want to do.  Little energy spent on actuality, but tons on believablity.  Its like I know how to create the perfect life, but am too lazy to actually make it happen.  Or maybe its the other way around, I have the perfect life, and every little thing turns into an emotional monster.  After all, we need something to fight to make life worth breathing. 

And so the battle rages on like the primary, neither member really contributing to the whole but expending enough energy to make it seem like they do.  Just like my life.  I live it filled with all the emotions but none of the courage.  Maybe the words will change my life, or maybe saying that they will makes it easier for me to swallow my day.  Either way, the only thing that I manage is filling in this page, while forgetting to actually learn the law. 

And so nothing learned today, nothing done, but atleats I have the satisfaction of knowing I thought about it.  Wait, isnt thinking actually acting?

1 thought on “Inaction for President!”

  1. isn’t it funny, no matter how intelligent we are, we still find it hard to articulate our feelings, especially to those around us

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