I dont know about you but for me a trip represents a chance to find a new way to make a connection, think of something that was lost or forgotten, but mostly its just a chance to feel that I can step out of my life willingly and relearn what it means to be alive.  Or vice versa.  

You can learn a lot about a person when you travel with them, from how they are in the car for long periods of time to how open they are to trying new things.  When its a new person, all bets are off because we are clothed in our desire to please.  BUt in consequent visits, as we disrobe, we also let go of our politeness and willingness to cooperate.  So any trip can represent a new battle, or a revisit to old problems or the perfect trip where everthing manages to be new, beautiful, and an experience.  I guess stuff that memories are made of. 

1 thought on “Trip”

  1. I agree, it’s something about a trip or a vacation that gives you not only a sense of detachment from your constant physical surroundings but from that constant mental state as well, when people go on vacations and trips they can finally come out of their enclosed’s like a breath of fresh air, only problem is sometimes who they reveal themselves to be is nothing you would’ve imagined and instead of a sense of relief you’d wish they would go back to who they were before. So yeh it can represent good things or bad but either way foster the creation of memories. 🙂


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