Most of my fights always center around the act of timing rather than content.  Even though I can be right in how I feel, its usually expressed at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons.  Take today for example, i am already anxious about her being over at her family’s and I get a lecture about how I am not handling the situation over all as well as I could be. And time and again I am reminded throughout the day how I am late on just about every emotion and action. 

And then common sense decides to take a stab, and I surge out of pain’s senselessness, and I see her pain and worry.  Instead of just looking into my eyes, I swim over to her heart, and really try to make her feel less of the loss she has.  Can anyone really ever lose the family? Its a question I sense everytime I look at her pained soul.  And so I need to work on my timing.  Get faster. Word Harder.  Pump myself full of the energy she needs to live off of while she swims through this hole. 

I may not always get it right, but as they say failure is when you stop trying. 

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  1. right…you may not always get it right…but your feelings are raw, true and genuine…that’s a lot more than most people will ever venture to put out there and make themselves vulnerable…

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