A quick visit

just to sprinkle on some thoughts here that are burbling around in my head.  Second day of the week, and yet I still need to show a beginning for it.  A bit of uneasiness, wondering if all will work out.  A dash of worry about Gurjit, and a whole cup of protection for my babu.  And then I look ahead, and more uncertainty waits, and I wonder am I ready to ride through once again? 

Ofcourse, I am.  Thats what people lke me do.  Full of self-doubt, and yet we forge ahead because ,well to stop would be suicidal.  So I brush away the negative and let it roll inside me, and I just keep going.  Its all I know how to do.  Self-relflection a luxury that I cant buy often, and usually wasted anyway.  And so the day rolls on, and the words choke down. 

Another unfinished draft for my life, and so I keep the status quo.  A lot of questions asked, not thought about, definitely not answered but time is passed.  Have to love rationalization.  Good bye Tuesday, you served a purposed and still did not accomplish anything.


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