Monday came again, and left me perplexed in its dust.  What is it about me that just gets to people?  I often wonder what I have done to upset acquaintainces or close friends when my intent is quite the opposite.  I used to repeat incessantly that the path to hell is paved with good intentions, but each contact with certain people makes me realize that I may be better off just pretending they dont exist.  Its as if some just exist to point out every flaw they think I have or perhap give me new ones.  Others are there to always be right no matter what the situation.  And still others love to know about life so they can somehow feel better about themselves. 

Its when this happens again and again that writing about is as inane as farting.  Both may seem like I am doing something but in fact, they just stink.  Or maybe perplexity is my new cloak to hide my arrogance or more likely I am just too dumb to realize that people dont like me. 

Oh well, another week begins, lets hope I dont piss off too many people. 

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  1. You come through and make me feel better! …you have been lately..maybe more than I have been for you! so cheer up! There are still people out here that need to hear your jibber-jabber! …if we know you well enough and can read between the lines…we can see you mean no harm and only good! =)

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