Beginning the day slowly, cranking out the procastination for a bit then hope to head to some sort of work mode soon.  Pretend smile on, check. Pretend email, check. Pretend, know what I am doing, double check.  And so the cobwebs creak around in my head. And maybe a little clarity might come through soon.  But so far, the dream is still alive.  8 hours ago, I opened up this page, and I realize that I am being a miser with words perhaps because I am such a slut with my feelings. 

Then the window opens up,and all that I was holding in, breathes out, and a new day suddenly seems to be a strong probability rather than a possibility.  Today, was a mixed day, but one thing was memorable, its been 16 months since I found a part of my heart, and I hope to hold on to that as long as I can.

The little smiles we shared today, stayed in the digital camera of my brain because we have atleast these times to realize that what we are doing isnt wrong in any way.  Everything with her felt absolutely perfect or maybe just always have been and I have been in selfishness’s cloud too long.  Or vice versa… But the day began with a smile, and is ending with laugher.  Not much more I can ask for.

Well, a small prayer for my little brother always 🙂 I love you, Gurjit

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  1. You deserve a life of contentment and peace and I am glad that your day went so well. A love that is so genuine and honest gives us all a sense of hope, thanks for sharing that with us Sanj. 🙂

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