Its Friday, 90 degrees outside and many of us are probably counting the time down so we can be out there for a few hours to enjoy the some percentage of the rays for the day.  Or maybe, a little burden lifts as the 2 days glint ahead, hinting at randomness or recklessness.  I was always perplexed at the notion of TGIF but thats probably more due to the years of being an owner even though the stamp was in my head and not on any legal pieces of paper.  Until recently that is.  Now, each day seems like a day less to achieve more.  Hours are spent now on how to expand, grow, be the brand on the brain for eyebrow threading.  And on and on it goes, and instead of looking forward to Fridays, I dread them now because it means interrupted time.  What used to be a vacation is now a flurry of rushed visits and quiet times but it does not feel real.  I am torn between the love for work and the love in my life and the pillow of my family. 

Juggling has become my hobby, holding on to my tasks my dharma.  I hope that I dont get tired because the weekends arent for rest

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