It often comes at you in a way that seems obvious.  Someone close to you experiences something that makes you go through all the phases of emotion.  And poof, the day moves on and so do your emotions.  What is about s that can make seem to act so callously, yet we all carry some sort of boulder on our back.  And then we slither on, as if those images were a movie that we participated in for a minute, and then we wait for new previews.  Or maybe better yet, all these are previews, and we dont bother remembering them because for us the movie is the real show.  Thats what I tell myself when I realize time and time again how important certain things in life are, and yet I continually fail at recognizing them or dealing with them appropriately.  It would probably make sense to give examples, but its better perhaps you do what I do: regret the past moments in those quiet times and rework them to your benefit.  Or may that is big problem: too much imagination and not enough reaction.  Either way, learning sucks, and I find that I spend more time sitting unlearning than actually gaining any real wisdom.  Go figure


To be continued…

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