It seems appropriate to jot down something while possibility seems a whiff away.  Smiling seems to short circuit the tendendy to clatter across the keyboard so todays boss is determination.  A blush of light in what is otherwise turning out to be a bleak call to reality.  It wasnt always like that. In fact, darkness hid from me, and I let light be.  Whatever was dreamt of was formed into reality.  It all seemed so easy until I realized that others paid for it, and I just earned the commission.  As I really begin being an adult, it sucks I think, and then to realize others have lived this for way longer.  Makes me cringe for being so petty.

I meant to be light and flighty, but instead became weighty and whiny.  Eh, take it for what it is.  I didnt promise anything, did I?  And if I did, I didnt mean it.  Just like my words.  Have a good weekend, Monday will rape you soon. 

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