A Letter

I debated for a bit on how to approach this conversation, and rather than have it collapse in a cloud of lame apologies and rationailizations, I thought writing would be the best way. The apology first: I heard something that I misinterpreted which I passed onto _______ thus acting like a gossip but worse creating drama where none was. I am sorry to both of you.

Now onto something you need to really think about. You are making a huge mistake, and the worse part about it is that you are trying to be nobel about it. Thats what set me off when I saw you the other night, while ______is dying emotionally ( I been there my friend and let me tell you I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy) I see you out chilling. You led her on, but worst of all you involved her family. Listen, its not PC to say but people break up all the time, but you knew getting her family involved was like getting yourself tattooed, you cant remove it without some major scars.

I dont know you nor do I care to, and as much as I sound like an asshole, as someone older to you, all I can say is, you will regret this. Another reason why I hesitated to talk to you. You seem like a good guy, but your not. You took someone;s heart and just used it, and you will pay for it (I know i am). I hope something in these words gets to you because you really hurt a beautiful, sensitive woman who didnt deserve to be treated this way. If nothing else, you owe her dignity and sanity back. Yea, impossible right? Just remember that each moment you spend without her is another lost chance for you to have had someone who would have completed you.

Melodramatic? A bit yea. The truth? I bet my life on it…

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