You ever look at a time as you experience and think to youself this is the best its ever going to be.  Its funny how many of those moments I have had, and yet they keep coming.  But each feels complete that you think that it will never occur again.  Its why I think pictures are so great since they can bring you that sense of completeness for even a fleeting second.  As much I love them, I take very few perhaps in a way to savor it more but more likely because I expect others to record.  Pretty ironic considering my infatuation with words.  The recorder waits for others to do the heavy lifting.  Think about it, even with each of the digital age, it still takes that one person in the group who is a image fetishist.  Maybe its the arrogance in some of us who believe in imagination rather than reality.  Thats another theme of mine, what is illusory takes precendent over what can be touched.  I rather live in dreams than drink this bitter reality of mine.  So my life is a series of struggles on whether I should choose whats in my head or take the real trip. But then again, arent road trips overrated?

I dont know much but I know this, dreams can be shaped and they dont let you down.  Atleast that is what I am telling myself as I prepare to throw away another night of illusion.  And you thought I was going to say something profound.  Socrates, I aint but a plagiarist of life I sure is. 

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