Often we allow for flashes of our life to fill the day only to realize that instead of reality we passed a day in dreams.  Think about that for a second.  What could have been a layer to add to who we are was instead wasted on what was in the past or what we thought it to be.  More and more of my days are piling up to be aching for a quick moment taking me further and further away from creating new memories.  Or maybe its the other way, only when do I think what was good and light can I take the heaviness of time away.  Its a question that harps on me endlessly.  Was the past reality or what I am doing now my life?  2 different questions perhaps but they seem to merge into my heart the same. 

 What is my life?  Is it a series of moments or just flashes of intense emotion? Am I a creator of something or a destroyer of other’s something?  Constantly, the randomness surrounds me, and the quietness increases inside me.  And then the moments arrive, and I lose myself again in illusion.  Perhaps that is my life. 

1 thought on “Moments”

  1. True and frightening….how we let so much time pass us by because we are so wrapped up in the past…constantly left wondering…..Who am I? What do I stand for? And no matter how much time has gone by and age has creeped up….those insecurities still remain…as solid as the roots that hold a tree.


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